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About DSA Alberta

Persons with Disabilities are extremely limited in the range of sports and recreational activities available to them. For many, their participation in outdoor activities is limited to being a spectator, a passive onlooker. Sailing, long regarded as a symbol of freedom and independence, has been only a symbol for people with disabilities - until now.
In August of 1994, twelve new sailors formed the Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta (DSA Alberta) with the goal of establishing permanent sailing programs for children and adults with disabilities in Alberta. Now, after many seasons of successful operation, thousands of Albertans can say they've "Gone Sailing!" through DSA Alberta programs.

DSA Alberta's largely volunteer organization has grown into a recognized community service, partnering with more than 35 local agencies providing recreational opportunities for disabled children and adults in Calgary, and recently in Red Deer and Edmonton.

Our wide range of programs develop skills and independence and facilitate integration of our sailors, volunteers, and supporters into mainstream sailing events and activities.

The success of sailing as a recreational and rehabilitation program is evident in both the growing numbers of people that participate in these programs and the enthusiastic support that DSA Alberta has received from the disabled communities, community organizations and funding agencies. The lakes and oceans of Canada serve as a great healer and equalizer, where our sailors leave their wheelchairs (and their disabilities) behind, and enjoy the independence and freedom that everyone enjoys when wind, sun and spray join forces to make a perfect sailing day.
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