About Us

In 1994, The Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta was formed with the goal of establishing permanent sailing programs for children and adults with disabilities in Alberta. Now, after many seasons of successful operations, thousands of Alberta have enjoyed the therapeutic and rehabilitative benefits of sailing.

The DSAA is a largely volunteer operated organization that has grown into a recognized community service, partnering with more than 35 local agencies providing recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The success of sailing as a recreational and rehabilitation program is evident in both the growing numbers of people that participate in these programs and the enthusiastic support that DSA Alberta has received from the disabled communities, community organizations and funding agencies.

The Association looks forward to new and returning members enjoying the independence and freedom that everyone enjoys when wind, sun and spray join forces to make a perfect sailing day.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
- Jimmy Dean


The DSAA provides opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in the rehabilitative benefits of sailing and engaged with the sailing community in Alberta.


The DSAA provides and maintains a fleet of accessible boats with power assisted equipment to remove any limitations.


Our focus is the growth and well-being of the individual to experience the therapeutic benefits of sailing.

What We've Achieved

Provided therapeutic and rehabilitative sailing opportunities to a variety of individual and Community Partners for individual with disabilities.

Engaged members of the community to get involved and volunteer.

Hosted and participated in Mobility Cup promoting the shared benefits of sailing nationally.

Involvement in the integration and inclusion of people with disabilities within the sailing community in Alberta.