Become a Member

Becoming a member of DSAA requires only a few simple steps! A membership fee is $40 (cash, cheque or Paypal please), and is required for any individuals to sail with us. After purchasing a membership, the recipient can sail with DSAA as many times as they want to book in throughout the summer.

If needed, a member can take an aide and/or service animal sailing with them free of charge. Our membership accommodates people of all abilities when sailing: ensuring everyone can safely sail with a certified companion. Best of all, there is no hassle of having to clean, rig, de-rig, trailer or own a boat – we do that all for you!


The DSAA offers our members with the opportunity to sail independently (or with a sailing companion) on the Glenmore Reservoir in any of our accessible sailboats: Martin16s, Sonars, or Access Dinghy.

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The DSAA provides sailing opportunities to agencies serving children and adults with disabilities, allowing these groups to introduce their members to sailing and the therapeutic and rehabilitative aspects associated with leaving their disability on the dock.

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