Community SAIL

The DSAA provides sailing opportunities to agencies serving children and adults with disabilities, allowing these groups to introduce their members to sailing and the therapeutic and rehabilitative aspects associated with leaving their disability on the dock.

The DSAA will provide boats from our fleet for our Community Partners, including any adaptive equipment needed. Our Program Coordinators, and volunteers will ensure the sailboats are ready prior to setting sail and assist in transferring people in and out of the boats. As required to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience the DSAA will provide at least one qualified volunteer sailing companion per vessel to assist in sailing, navigating and docking the boats.

The DSAA also offers clubhouse rental to its’ Community Partners so that they can offer their members “onshore activities” in case the weather does not allow sailing or if they have a larger group. The “onshore activities” are at the direction of the Community Partner to plan and hold, as the DSAA only provides an indoor space.