When you donate to The Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta, you provide support and opportunity for people with disabilities to benefit from the therapeutic and rehabilitative nature of sailing.

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It is only with the support of local businesses and charities that the DSA is able to continue it’s programs. The equipment that the DSA operates is donated and our programs are volunteer-run. In order to cover the expenses of the DSA, we are asking corporations, yacht clubs, etc. to adopt a boat. Our donors receive recognition in a variety of ways: their names or logos are displayed on all seven of our Martin 16 Sailboats, as well as on signage at our South Glenmore Park location, our donors are mentioned by name on all DSA correspondence and publications.


Financial Accountability and Transparency

As a registered charity, The Disabled Sailing Association of Alberta is dedicated to financial accountability and transparency. Our Association maintains a budget accessible upon request and complete an annual review of financial controls and processes to ensure they are functioning as intended. In addition, the board reviews all financial transactions to ensure all information is complete and accurate.