Becoming a DSAA Volunteer is very easy, and will prove to be a very rewarding experience! As a DSAA volunteer, you can learn about sailing, assist our community of sailors, staff and fellow volunteers, meet new people, and have a lot of fun in the sun – all for a great cause. In order to develop our team of volunteers, there are a variety of roles that need to be filled:

Sailing Companion

Qualified volunteers are most often needed to accompany our sailors when going out on the water. They may captain the ship, or simply be on the boat to assure the safety of the sailor and provide coaching and guidance as appropriate. Plus – our sailing companions only have to help with the best part – sailing. They don’t have to clean, rig, de-rig, trailer, or own a sailboat! DSAA Sailing Companions have the option to command our SONAR, Martin 16 or Access Dinghy boats. After docking the boat after a long sail, many of our sailors and sailing companions can’t stop gushing about how much fun they had out on the reservoir!

All sailing companions must have their CanSail III (or equivalent) certificate, or similarly sufficient experience, and a DSAA membership. They also must have knowledge of sailing safety procedures, and understand how to use our radio system. Our staff are more than happy to introduce or refresh a sailing companion’s knowledge of inclusive sailing technologies like the hoyer, the autohelm and the windlass system whenever needed.

Equipment & Maintenance Support

Safety is a huge priority here at DSAA. For our organization to stay afloat, it is crucial that that safety standards are upheld and the boats are kept up to perfect operating condition, being lubricated and overhauled when needed. Our boats and equipment are valuable, and need to be cared for. Handymen and Handywomen help perform regular preventative maintenance tasks and assure that our boats, club house and equipment are properly maintained throughout the season. Handymen and Handywomen should have at least some mechanical aptitude, but knowledge of sailboats is a plus. It is incredibly rewarding to see a boat you have worked tirelessly be completed, used and enjoyed by so many grateful people!

General Volunteer

We at DSAA need general volunteers for our community events – most notably our Annual Stampede Breakfasts! We will accept help for practically anything: whether it be cleaning our fleet or the facility, organizing the back storage room, flipping pancakes on a flat top griddle, painting faces or taking photos: and we promise you will have fun!

DSAA is extremely grateful for our volunteers. The organization would not be able to run without the time and dedication by them. To show our appreciation, we host  “Welcome” and  “Thank You” barbeque and sailing events. If you are interested in volunteering with us, feel free to call (403)-238-0689, email us at info@dsaalberta.org, or swing by our office at 8145 24th Street SW, located in the boat dock nearby the Glenmore Sailing School.